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Photography 2017

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About me

About me


Having earned a diploma from the Damascus Technical Institute of Applied Art, Mehyar has practiced as an artist, sculptor, designer, and painter in Damascus, Istanbul, and currently Vienna.

Through his participation in exhibitions, symposiums, and creation of Sabadalla group, Mehyar strives to collaborate with other young like-minded artists interested in making their own business of art.

 Born in Feb. 1990

Exhibitions and symposiums


·        Ausstellung in der Schule, ERG-Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria.

·        Artwalk 18, SlowCraft, Vienna, Austria.

·        Disconnect, Xevents UK, London, UK.

·        The Sculptor of Damascus, Göttlicher Gallery, Krems, Austria.


·        Salon der Künste, Wien Museum, Vienna, Austria.

·        Salon der Künste, looshaus, Vienna, Austria.

·        Table of Plenty II, Gebietsbetreuungen Stadterneuerung, Vienna, Austria.

·        The Sculptor of Damascus, Telluride Gallery, Telluride, Colorado.


·        ARTmART, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria.


·        Agafi symposium, Meridien Hotel, Lattakia, Syria.

·        Soria Anti Alajmal symposium, Tartos Cornice, Tartos, Syria, (Artist Assistant).

·        Damascus citadel exhibition, Damascus citadel, Damascus, Syria.

·        Al Rabie exhibition, Al Riwaq Hall, Damascus, Syria.


·        Al Shabab symposium, Damascus citadel, Damascus, Syria, (Artist Assistant).

Collaborative Projects


·        Sculpture techniques, Voluntary Teacher Assistant, ERG-Donaustadt school, Vienna, Austria.


·        What is Sculpture? workshop for children, Marie-Jahoda school, Vienna, Austria                   


·        Mo gallery auction, Thelemangasse, Vienna, Austria.

I wanted to be a sculptor; it is a passion that has grown with me since I was a child when I would visit sculpture symposiums with my father.

In 2012, I began studying sculpture at the Technical Institute of Applied Art in Damascus, Syria. My professor Ibrahim Alawad was a great influence at this time as he taught me how create harmony in my works. After two years, I achieved the top ranking in the department and received the Diploma of Applied Art. Because of my success in the institute I was invited to continue studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts. I practiced in real workshops and enjoyed experimenting with different materials and tools. During this time, I also participated in sculpture symposiums, exhibitions, and projects with some interior designers. At the end of 2014 I left Damascus for Istanbul to avoid being forced into the war in Syria.

In Turkey I spent my time structuring my goals, improving my skills and working whatever freelance jobs I could find with art. I could not imagine working away from art; it is my profession, my purpose, my way to deliver my message and to reach all of my aims. Before leaving Turkey, I created Sabadalla with the intention of collaborating with other young artists and making a business of art.

In October of 2015 I arrived in Vienna as a refugee with nearly nothing. After 40 days of making connections and searching for workspace, I was invited to participate in ARTmART exhibition at Künstlerhaus. Mo.ë gallery provided me space in their atelier to prepare my pieces for the exhibition. My lack of materials and tools inspired a new creative idea.

The spectrum of human emotions fascinates me. What pushes us to keep moving forward? As humans, we endure suffering and seek the comfort of others.
My artwork expresses an exploration of human emotions through my subconscious use of shaping, curves, edges, and textures, with which my aim is to create harmony for the eyes of the receiver.


Since living in Vienna I have been creating many artworks using metal forming and adding my new creative idea that I developed when preparing for the ARTmART exhibition. The only material available was electric wire which I wrapped to create figures to express my ideas about human emotions in different stages of life. I burned the plastic lining to express the suffering of human life which is represented in the resulting texture. The exposed wire represents the strength and power of the human in response to hardships and suffering.


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